Animated great circles 1: flat map to 3D Earth

More fun with great circle arcs. Who doesn’t love a good great circles graphic? This time, however, it is an animation. Using R, not only have I animated path traversal along great circle arcs, but I’ve also projected them onto a three dimensional global surface. It was not without its challenges. And yes, the title indicates there will be more and better to come.


R Shiny App: Alaska Sea Ice Edge

A simple app for mapping estimates of Alaska sea ice edge during different months, years, and decades is now formally available. I made this app in R about six months ago and shared an earlier version on Twitter. I have cleaned up the code a bit. Most notably, it now offers somewhat more adaptive color options for a variable number of factor levels.

AK Ice Edge

R Shiny apps upgraded to Bootstrap 3

All of my Shiny apps have been upgraded to Bootstrap 3 now that this is available in the Shiny package. The apps have also been relocated from their temporary home on RStudio’s Spark server to SNAP. Most people have been using and referencing the permanent SNAP urls, which redirected to Spark previously, but which are now pointing to SNAP again. Nevertheless, the Spark urls have propagated about the internet a bit. Please make sure to stick with url format.

A convenient place to access all my publicly available apps is my page. There are a couple apps there which you cannot run (run_alfresco and cmip3_cmip5, specifically) because they are only available from within the university domain. However, the vast majority of the apps are public, and for those few which are not I still include them in the page so that you may access the R code on Github. These still show a “Launch” button. I will tidy that up soon to remove any confusion.

Animated gridded paths in R

The previous post on gridded data animation was fairly basic; very cool in its potential, but anticlimactic in isolation. Here I am ignoring the data altogether. Instead, I focus on simulating paths along the borders of the grid cells for a cool visual effect.


3D rotating Earth in R

Recently I posted some 3D Earth graphics here and here made with R. Now I have a basic animation showing different applied textures on a rotating globe.


Convert between Rmd and Rnw files with R

Tired of making two copies of markup documents for your R scripts so that you can generate exactly the kind of html you want and exactly the kind of pdf you want? Me too. I would like some quasi-bidirectional quasi-conversion between Rmd and Rnw files. I have a messy solution of sorts that is tentatively “good enough” for my own needs.


Great circles: level up with R

It’s been four years since I was inspired by Paul Butler’s well-known Facebook network map made with R to make some of my own. Brushing off the dust from these grad school days plots, and recalling memories of a time when I still solved math problems with a pencil and R still put the fear in me on a daily basis despite holding out great promise, I’ve decided it’s time to revisit these and spiff them up a bit.




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