Convert between Rmd and Rnw files with R

Tired of making two copies of markup documents for your R scripts so that you can generate exactly the kind of html you want and exactly the kind of pdf you want? Me too. I would like some quasi-bidirectional quasi-conversion between Rmd and Rnw files. I have a messy solution of sorts that is tentatively “good enough” for my own needs.

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Great circles: level up with R

It’s been four years since I was inspired by Paul Butler’s well-known Facebook network map made with R to make some of my own. Brushing off the dust from these grad school days plots, and recalling memories of a time when I still solved math problems with a pencil and R still put the fear in me on a daily basis despite holding out great promise, I’ve decided it’s time to revisit these and spiff them up a bit.


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