Technical position recruitment

In my opinion, if you are applying for a technical position, where it is often hard to convey skill and knowledge in a resume aside from ridiculously long lists of software, show me your skills.  I’m thinking about requiring all applicants to provide “examples of work”.  I don’t think a portfolio of work should be limited to the traditional web or printed design fields.  If  your strengths are in programming, you should have a fairly well developed set of code to share.  Did that code contribute to a program?  Show me it.  If your skills are in cartography (which is half artistic skills), then show me the maps.  Web design skills, show me the sites and exactly what sections you contributed to.  Put it on the web, just show me.  If you are unable to produce any products or examples of work, then you likely need to think twice about your job search strategy.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a visual learner, but I like to see things.

In addition, learn how to find information.  Yes, collaborating with colleagues is very important and everyone gains from continuous interoffice communication, skill transfer, etc, etc, but the organization will not advance if many people stagnate in their quest for knowledge.  Google it, read, explore, stretch your mind.  Constructive criticism is important, but new ideas are usually better.  Go find them, then steal them, develop them further, then share them back.  Tell me how you do this on a daily basis, as it’s very valuable to an employer.

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