R + Shiny + plot3D + rgl: Images only

I’ve posted a gallery of images from an R Shiny web application I have been developing. The app integrates the plot3D and rgl packages into Shiny for some 2D and 3D plotting. The rgl functionality is assisted by the shinyRGL package. Just a dog and pony show, nothing but screenshots. The app is yet to be released.














This entry was posted by Matt Leonawicz.

7 thoughts on “R + Shiny + plot3D + rgl: Images only

    • Thank you. Yes, the code will be available on github once the app is completed. Presently it is partially dependent on a github development branch of the Shiny package that has not yet been merged and made available on CRAN. But like all my other apps, the code will we freely available once the app is available.


      • It sounds good Matthew! Could send you e-mail or skype. I have a idea to build a app with LiDAR data, maybe it can interest you. Cheers

    • Thanks! It is available: http://shiny.snap.uaf.edu/plot3D/

      Development has ceased though, as I figure it illustrates examples as I originally intended. I definitely ran into many difficulties coding this particular app and decided not to bother continuing trying to force it to do more than it currently does. It does not have a save option for the interactive RGL graph, only for the standard plots.

    • Also, note that plotting of the Hypsometry data set, which is much larger than the other available data sets, can be very slow to plot at times. It also increases chances of encountering an error with RGL depending on the network connection to the server on which the app is running.

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