Updates to Alaska/Canada community-level climate app

Recently RStudio released version 0.9.x of the shiny package for R. This version provides, among other things, some nicer aesthetics and and enhanced functionality for selection menus (the selectInput function now uses selectize.js).

Once I chose to update to the newest version, the changes were automatic. However, this broke some custom javascript that was previously in my Alaska/Canada Communities and Climate app and resulted in the app becoming less than fully functional. Fortunately, with the upgrade, I no longer needed that old stuff. I got around to throwing it out this week and restoring the app to full functionality. I also made a number of improvements to the user-server reactivity behavior. It still does not contain all the data I would like it to, and more improvements and features can still be added. But it’s a significant step forward. The major visual change you will notice (compared to the image above) is in the style of the selection menus. It is now easier to select multiple options as well as search fields by typing partial matches. Click the image to explore the app.

This entry was posted by Matt Leonawicz.

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