My Github user site, made with R

My Github user account web site is now online, but the best thing about the site is behind the scenes: I can create and update it very rapidly using R.


I have also been making Github pages for specific R projects. My new user pages act as a central hub for my project pages. Few projects are included in the user site right now since this is all very new and most of my projects do not have associated project pages yet. It also features my Shiny apps and some fun data visualization galleries. In pursuit of robustness and navigational sensibilities, the overall layout will likely change once the site is more content-rich, not to mention as the website-building functions in rpm continue to develop.

In a previous post I mentioned rpm, my project management project, which among other things, uses R to speed up the generation of markdown documents and html files to produce and quickly update project-specific websites as a project develops (the rpm website was in fact produced by applying functions from rpm to itself).

Here I have used rpm functions to parse my local and Github project repositories as well as my Shiny Apps and data visualization repos, to be able to update my user site when any of my individual projects and other repo content change. rpm updates user pages to reflect any relevant changes, such as updates to existing content, or building new elements in user pages.

For example, I may add a new project repo to my Github account. If I run my user pages functions again, the new project directory will be picked up during the repo scan. A new html container element highlighting my R projects will now include this new project. All I then have to do is commit and push these new user page changes to Github and the main website is then up to date regarding my latest projects. It’s highly convenient to have functions which can manage organized yet dynamic content for me. I’ll do the doing, but I prefer to leave the redoing to the computer as much as possible.

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