Updated climate projections by cities

[Alpha] and [beta] versions of a simple R Shiny web application showing projected climate trends for various Alaska and western Canada communities is available. [The alpha and beta versions are currently nonfunctional. But you can skip to the final version here. Some of the text below only pertains to the alpha and beta versions. See the new post regarding the final version.] Since this probably sounds like the hundredth rendition of the same thing to regular blog readers, I’ll just mention that this offers some updated data, downscaled CRU 3.2 and CMIP5 global climate model outputs.


The graphing has the look and feel of SNAP’s original Community Charts application, while incorporating various improvements in interactivity and presentation of descriptive, graphical statistics. It also offers both 2-km downscaled and 10-minute downscaled versions of the data, which may be more or less the same for some communities and differ somewhat for others. More information can be found in the Community Charts v4 documentation. The documentation website was produced using rmarkdown and knitr, streamlined and semi-automated with my developmental rpm code.

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