Animated great circles 2: smoother lines

Here is draft two of my great circle arcs R animation. This time I focused on improving the smoothness of the lines and removing some buggy line behavior, keeping it on a flat map for now. As with DRAFT 1, the YouTube video is of significantly reduced quality, to the point that you will see zero improvement. It’s really not even worth watching there. A much higher quality source video is available here. It can be downloaded (~90 MB) and viewed locally using a standard video player such as VLC.

Here is the YouTube version if you must:

This post explains one way to animate basic path traversal in R using a toy code example.

The upcoming third draft will be the final one and is way above and beyond the source video quality of these first two drafts, though I anticipate it still probably won’t re-encode well on upload to YouTube. I’m excited to get it out though. At least in the source video, parts will look a bit like this shameless teaser frame, but even better:


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